Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Trendy Trees

I am so in love with the Trendy Trees set. Stampin' Up! makes such versatile sets! I read about this technique on Split Coast Stampers and just had to try it. Candles make a great addition to any present. Coordinating candles are the best. For today's prject you need some white tissue paper, some wax tissue paper, and a heat embossing gun. First stamp your images onto the white tissue paper just as if it were your usual paper. Craft or pigment ink works so much better for this project. As you can see in the picture to the right the green ink is smooth whereas the brown trunk shows the grain of the tissue paper. The pigment ink tends to fade through the paper so be sure to watch out for smudges. Next you will cut around your image with scissors. Try to get pretty close to the image. I stamped my tree with Stampin' Up! Gable Green craft ink and Chocoalte Chip dye ink. Next you will take a strip of wax paper larger than your image. Place your tissue paper cut out on the candle where you want it. Wrap the wax paper around the tissue paper. Heat with your embossing gun until the wax paper becomes pretty see through. It transfers the wax from the paper on top of your tissue paper and the wax of the candle softens a bit too. Next I stamped other Trendy Trees in Glorious Green craft ink, Real Red craft ink, and more Chocolate Chip dye ink. I repeated the same process of cutting out the image and then wrapping it with wax paper and heating it for each tree. This is a great quick and easy gift. I purchase these candles at Hobby Lobby. Candles were 50% off that week so I got a pack of 10 for $2.50. The tissue paper came from Dollar Tree. I havent even used a whole sheet yet. I also purchased wax paper from Dollar Tree. I went with the brand name because I believe that it has more wax on it and works better. I have not tried an off brand. This uses so little wax paper because you can reuse the sheet that I just keep a roll in my craft room. I save the cheap stuff for the kitchen! If you try out this technique feel free to leave a comment with either your project or a link to it. I hope you enjoy this technique as much as I do.

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